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11:11 Love is Always Waiting For Us.

11:11  11/11/2015 Love Is Ever Waiting For Us: What is 11:11, and all this talk of portals, gateways and upgrades and stuff??? Well, as we are all vibrating at our own rate. Well here is a somewhat simplified explanation, from my own experience and understanding. (Which is always growing!) On these powerfully energetic dates, we… Continue reading 11:11 Love is Always Waiting For Us.


Markers Have Been Released Into the Realms of Higher Senses

Originally posted on GaiaPortal:
Markers have been released into the realms of Higher Senses. These markers travel throughout cosmic realms and serve as re-connectors of un-awaked-to-Higher-purpose humanity to their Cosmic Identity. These markers “fluoresce” in Higher Vision centers of all prepared for next up-steps. Inner Harmony comes unexpectedly as markers enter Higher Vision centers. Gaia…