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11:11 Love is Always Waiting For Us.

11:11  11/11/2015

Love Is Ever Waiting For Us: What is 11:11, and all this talk of portals, gateways and upgrades and stuff??? Well, as we are all vibrating at our own rate. Well here is a somewhat simplified explanation, from my own experience and understanding. (Which is always growing!) On these powerfully energetic dates, we collectively are infused with light energy (Love from our Creator Source) which comes from the Source (God), shining to us from the center of our Galaxy, and to us, a remote planet on the outskirts of the Milky Way Galaxy, through centralized SUN conduits. We then receive it directly from our Sun, as well as other loving sources (but that topic is for another time). This Source also already exists withIN us, in our hearts. (That inner-outer connection in our hearts is where the infinity symbols meet). When we absorb and allow this light energy to infuse us, we are greatly calmed, energized, and catalyzed (healed on emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels). Such infusions of Light will raise our personal, and collective vibration levels, or frequencies – if we allow them to; we have CHOICE. Love has the highest frequency, while Fear/hate the lowest.> This is determined by the thoughts we have which we ALLOW or NOT, >>This is OUR CHOICE.<<

So on these “high energy dates” it as if the hose is turned ON. When we allow ourselves to experience these gifts of tremendous energy, we may discover insights, gifts, perceptions, skills we were not aware we had, or had not used. We do not “travel” through a portal per se. The “travelling” is done via raising our vibration. It may be living underwater, and then suddenly popping our heads above the water line, and suddenly seeing the sky, clouds, birds for the first time. Every time one of us accepts and receives these gifts of awareness, ALL OF US are COLLECTIVELY affected, however subtly. And once we have new perceptions, sometimes we are initially horrified at what we are seeing. Suddenly we can SEE the collective mess humanity has made, and are compelled to clean it up, a task which is in full swing, by the way. Don’t be afraid, things are getting MUCH BETTER, this is The Golden Age beginning, and being aware of where we are is the first step to manifesting a peaceful inner, outer, and collective human existence on Our Great Planetary Mother, Earth/Gaia. Love, i.e. *patience* and kindness to ALL, while we are in this clean up phase is a tool to be applied liberally. It will take some time, in our physical, time-liked framework. No one has “missed” a portal event; we all are moving at the pace most comfortable for us, the pace we are choosing. Love is ever waiting for us.

In Loving Service,

Deedee InfiniDee ❤

ever waiting for us. always waiting, ever patient- for us.


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